Internationalization Projects

South America

objectives and results

The operation aimed to consolidate the company's export profile by adding the Latin American markets, namely Peru, Chile and Colombia, to the countries in which it currently operates.

For this purpose, Lifeway developed the following actions during the project: web presence (through the digital economy with investment in the digital communication plan and website development), prospection and presence in international markets (through the realization of trips from prospecting for target markets), international marketing (namely with the preparation of a strategic marketing and communication plan and market studies), and finally the hiring of qualified technical resources.

With the completion of this operation, Lifeway intended to continue with its profile as an essentially exporting company, expanding its area of ​​intervention to the Latin American markets, namely Peru, Chile and Colombia.

Project identification

Competition code: SI-52-2016-04

Operation Name: Internationalization for Latin America

Operational Program: Regional Operational Program of the Center

Objective: Strengthening the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises

Investment Priority: The development and application of new business models for SMEs, especially with regard to internationalization

Typology of Intervention: Internationalization of SMEs



Project Number: 021825

Operation code: CENTRO-02-0752-FEDER-021825

Approval Date: 2016-11-03

Start date: 2016-09-01

End date: 2019-06-30

Investment: EUR 477,315,00

Total eligible cost: EUR 405,555.00

Financial support from the European Union: EUR 182,499.75