• 100% Portuguese
  • B2B business model
  • Marketing of health products 
  • Export of medicines
  • Consulting in the regulatory and pharmaceutical logistics area

Main clients

  • Pharmacies and pharmacy groups
  • Distributors, stockists and wholesalers
  • Healthcare facilities such as clinics and hospitals
  •  Extra-community markets
  • Partner companies

Distribution authorizations

  • Medicinal Products for Human Use
  • Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Substances
  • Medical devices
  • Food suplements
  • Other health products

What sets us apart

Business know-how and technical knowledge of the products sold

Lifeway Lda stands out for its business know-how inside and outside the community space, as well as the technical knowledge of the products it sells. This way, you can guarantee not only the quality of the products, but also fast delivery and competitive prices.


Provide quality, safe and effective medicines and health products, as well as contribute to health, social and economic development in all markets where we are involved. Promote continuous improvement, providing a quality service that guarantees the health of the populations involved.


Grow in the national market and be among the top 3 companies exporting medicines and health products in the next 10 years in the European, African, Asian and Middle Eastern markets through efficient and commercially competitive logistics.


Quality in all activities carried out and rigor in complying with commitments and laws in force. Responsibility, transparency and dynamism in relationships with stakeholders, efficiency and effectiveness in responding to their needs.

Internationalization projec

South America

The project aimed to consolidate the company's export profile, adding Latin American markets, namely Peru, Chile and Colombia, to the countries where it currently operates.

Thus, Lifeway developed the following actions during the project: presence on the web (through the digital economy with investment in the digital communication plan and website development), prospecting and presence in international markets (through carrying out market prospecting trips - target), international marketing (namely with the preparation of a strategic marketing and communication plan and market studies) and, finally, the hiring of qualified technical resources.

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Contest identification

 Contest code: SI-52-2016-04

Operation Designation: Internationalization to Latin America

Operational Program: Center Regional Operational Program

Thematic Objective: Strengthen the competitiveness of small and medium-sized companie

Investment Priorityo: The development and application of new business models for small and medium-sized companies, especially with regard to internationalization

Intervention Typology: Internationalization of small and medium-sized companies


Project identification

Project number: 021825

Operation Code: CENTRO-02-0752-FEDER-021825

Approval date2016-11-03

Start date: 2016-09-01

Date of the conclusion: 2019-08-31

Investment: 477.315,00 EUR

Total eligible cost: 405.555,00 EUR

Financial support from the European Union: 182.499,75 EUR

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