About us

A Portuguese company

Based on a B2B business model, Lifeway's main activity is the sale of health products, such as personal protective equipment, medical devices, beauty and personal care products, hospital, generic and branded medicines, among others.

Is able to provide all kind of support / advisory services on regulatory and pharmaceutical logistics.

Its main customers are pharmacies and pharmacy groups, distributors, wholesalers and healthcare facilities such as clinics and hospitals.

In order to comply with the legal obligations inherent to the activity, Lifeway Lda has wholesale authorizations for:

  1. Medicinal Products for Human Use

  2. Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Substances

  3. Medical Devices

  4. Food Suplements

  5. Other Health Products

Considering the environmental issues Lifeway signed an agreement with "Sociedade Ponto Verde" for the organization, management of collection and recovery of packaging waste through the Integrated Management of Packaging Waste (SIGRE) – the “Ponto Verde System”.