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With the FESTIVIT ® Liquids line, we market nutritional supplements suitable for the whole family. We develop formulations for adults and children that help the problems of avitaminosis, anemia, low immunity, among others.

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With the FESTIVIT ® Solids line, we have expanded the portfolio of the range, taking into account the most basic needs of adult nutrition. This group is also part of the FESTIVIT + line, taking into account the more specific needs of adult nutrition: with Bio gastrils, Cardio Plus, Flex Free and Diet Slim - pill and draining.

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FESTIVIT Essentials

With the FESTIVIT ® Essentials line we provide our partners with high quality products at very competitive prices. The range includes Festivit-B6 (Vitamin B6), Festifer (Iron sulphate), Festifer-fol and Festivit-fol (specific for pregnancy).